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rules to choose the bridesmaid dresses

green chiffon bridesmaid dress
1, let the bridesmaids pick their own dress for each bridesmaid to choose their own dress, does not fit the actual sounds may be bridesmaids are sure to agree with this approach, because they will think you give them the same day that the opportunity to show charm, They also agreed to give the feeling of aesthetic taste. However, before doing so, or the need to comply with several premises: first, the dress color and fabric to give a uniform requirement, bridesmaid dress does not seem to conflict with each other, but also the harmonization of the bride and dress; Second, given a few styles you think inappropriate, such as miniskirts, low-cut dress, etc., try not to convince the selection of sexy bridesmaid dresses .
2, the classic black bridesmaid dress black dress universal benefits is unnecessary to say, it gives a more visually slim, delicate feel, whether you build a high, low, choose a black dress can not go wrong. Thus, in determining a classic had a good dress color, the style aspect of the problem will be solved, then discuss the dress question, you will find a lot less to complain about the sound.
3, to avoid the need to make changes to the selection of dress and bridal gown bridesmaid dress custom process is basically the same, generally they will be in the amount of size, to stay out of some margin, the final dress finished, often not the most appropriate size, On this basis, if you want to do to modify it, is an additional cost, the price ranging from 200-1200 yuan (eg, change the end of a short skirt, pull side, plus shoulder strap, etc.). In this way, the dress had a moderate price, may in the modified cost is not high. But now more and more women’s clothing brands have set up a special line of products, such as J. Crew, Ann Taylor and White House Black Market and so on, so we recommend that bridesmaids have to go directly to department store and tried to buy both save money and save time.
4, close in price to save money for the bridesmaid bridesmaids who complain, the price is too high up to hear the concerns, although you have been very close to try to pick an affordable dress, but if coupled with transportation, gifts , bachelor party, makeup, hair and many other expenses, for the bridesmaid who is also spending a small fortune, not to mention the bridesmaids came from the other cities. Bridesmaids about how to control their overall spending is still very worthy of attention, because after all, is to pay them, so it is still more work to help you save money.
5, knee length skirt size fit most easy way out and choose the bridesmaid dress the same, the selection of a knee-length dress also avoid secondary changes. Of course, they may also require minor modifications to other parts, but at least do not have to wear high heels to avoid tripping over a long skirt, the bridesmaids are of different height is described as the best choice. “We do not want to dress the bridesmaids too fancy, grab the bride’s thunder, but they also hope to show in front of many friends their best side.”
6, clever use of sandals at home although you may feel fine with one pair of silver sandals, or a pair of black dress shoes dress is the best match selected, but in fact there will be bridesmaids at home should be good-looking shoes can be used with, such as a pair of high heels, black or metallic color is very wild, so that, for bridesmaids are part of the cost savings. Finally, let us also not forget to bring a pair of low-heeled or flat heels as an alternative party night, so that we can liberate feet, enjoy dancing.
7, the bride trying on bridesmaid dresses bridesmaid dress they do not want too fancy, grab the bride’s thunder, but they also hope to show in front of many friends their best side. Personal experience the best way to understand the bridesmaids try on bridesmaid dresses is the only way you can truly appreciate their feelings. See if it is a little friction fabric skin, is not that some were fat? If the person does not try on a dress found in the place, I think perhaps you should continue to look slightly different style, only you can convince yourself the satisfaction of their bridesmaids, so that they readily accept your choice.
8, arranged an interesting shopping trip to find one day called on to pick their bridesmaids bridesmaid dress it, how to make this day can lead a rich and interesting? Of course the most important thing is to pick the bride and bridesmaids are satisfied with the bridesmaid dress. How to arrange this day there is little strategy, but oh! First, we can go to beauty salons to be a nail, so to see the U.S. change their dress have the confidence to try it! Of course, it is best to treat the bride Oh! Next, go eat brunch, add points of energy, but the best way to get an offer light food, restaurant, eat salad, fruit, matched with a glass of mimosa and bloody Mary on accompanied by even better, because it is too greasy food, but will dress to try another disadvantage Oh. After a short recess, the most important time is necessary to you, remind you before entering the dress shop, a good idea to target a style, so we go try this one first, the selected style, you can try again with nature wear play slightly.
9, free to choose any bridesmaid accessories, jewelry accessories is quite personal, single product, and most reflect an individual’s personality. Therefore, we encourage bridesmaid heart with accessories is a good practice, I believe you is because bridesmaids unique personality, talents and we met a close friend, is not it? I think even if you choose the bridesmaid dress is not their favorite, one of their preference bridesmaid jewelry accessories is also able to restore their psychological feelings.
10, comfort is comfortable piece of clothing can not be ignored is a very personal experience, but when the choice of styles, with some small mind, or can greatly enhance the bridesmaids wearing comfort. For example, the chest is not very full of bridesmaid’s dress is not suitable for Bra-style, wear is not particularly lovable, will take into account the extra effort it involves safety. But the feelings of the fabric, we are all the same, no one likes to wear a dress the other skin discomfort, and I believe no one can reject a skin-friendly fabric of plain knitted dress skirt. Finally, to remind you, in the choice of the Empire style waist dress, to the point of leaving room for the wedding cake Oh, do you sacrifice for a little waist bridesmaid the chance to share food oh well.