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Wu Peici wear wedding evening dress

strapless lace evening party dress

Pace wore a white dress wearing a white feather value of millions of the brand jewelry, elegant long hair, covered in a thick oriental classic exudes charm. The Pace is also particularly noticeable wear jewelry, it is learned that the brand abroad, these jewels are responsible for her well-chosen, well-designed by the famous and extremely rare with a fine diamond, the production process which lasted several years.

Pace said with a smile after listening to the relevant personnel to wear these jewels a lot of pressure, the person in charge of foreign brands in China are praising her the most beautiful actress, saying glittering than diamonds. Pace broke the mood initiative is the bride wearing the dress evening series, with their first sight immediately buy brand public relations. Asked whether this implies a new romance has already begun to prepare for the flash marriage, Pace, admits: “There’s no new love, or so my teeth get better, because now this is my most important things in life, every day I the mirror 30 times, want to see my teeth, in the end become more tidy etc. braces come off, I can pursue a new love, and now it is quite shy. “Tang Wei, the day appeared to wear the brand of expensive jewelry, and wearing low-cut evening dress is very luxurious. Including market appreciation of jewelry, brand executives also get personal introduction, showing the extent of its importance.

Li is very dignified and dressed in black skirt, showing feminine side. Sonja wearing a black halter dress small air appearance, wearing the new 2011 vintage Bulgari dense diamond jewelry worth millions of dollars, with a simple retro red lips and straight hair, temperament lightly luxury.