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beautiful special elegant bridesmaid dress

Silk bridesmaid  dress has always been the preferred material is made, smooth texture of silk in the banquet lights shining, quite extravagant visual sense. Moreover, the United States just right silk, full of glossy light outside without publicity, it is hearsay evidence of the metamorphosis of a beautiful imagination. No clear lavender with Bra-style dress and delicate and tender, and a violet ribbon waist is this year’s favorite, and the ribbon under the three-tower style dress should be the season’s fashion.
cheap unique design cream and chocolate bridesmaid dress
Tower skirts can also be changed into retro mood pleated skirt, this element of the return of the same point this season. Beige pleated skirt is see the exquisite design skill, to the calf length dress just right, put the same color of the silk ballet shoes, a reserved gentle princess, is no longer a young girl greeted eat and drink. As white is the bride, bridesmaids pink is always dedicated, but we can abandon the common pink formal suits, the style to a more charming and graceful length dress. May wish to avoid the heat, then do not choose a long dress, solemn atmosphere, if not afraid to steal, but also to a large halter, pink belt around to the back to make a down low bow. Like some of the cool, low-dug chest dress also selected Yes, skirts lined with pink satin, covered with several layers of Qingbotouming out of yarn. This is completely without things a little bridesmaid before, as charming as Cinderella, there is a hazy beauty.
This hazy gauze can also be applied to other long-tailed blue dress or a short paragraph on quite seem like pure crystal, while adding a bit lively and naive. Black may not appear in the wedding, said some of the finest banquet, guests choose tight black dress sling is also quite a lot. Think, “Really Want to love”, the bridesmaids all black, the color can be low-key, the image of the same impressive. Best embodies the black fishtail skirt with no gain a slender grip slender waist, and black tulle there are shares of sexy sultry and quiet. If you happen to be a bridesmaid and then master of ceremonies, and the room air-conditioning and enough cold, as in the summer wedding wear long-sleeved black collar small horn length skirt, very unique seasoned demeanor, but are they do not have to worry about Some people laugh at you and play two black and white bride Shuangsha.
Do not do Jiji foil unknown man, maid of honor also belongs to this party on the role of noble and refined, elegant  bridesmaid dress but more that the bride the wedding of your attention, I believe we have very good tolerance of the bride will not have the same strong words against you.
bridesmaid dress

what should bridesmaid wear on wedding day

red satin bridesmaid dress
Wedding bridesmaids should wear? In the new strain is being done for their own wedding preparations at the same time, bridesmaid bridesmaid dress they will also question the brains. In fact, just seize the wedding dress bridesmaid dress tips, selecting the right dress is a difficult task no longer has. First, the color of a bridesmaid dress, wedding, bridesmaid dress is the best color is slightly lighter than the bride dress, color, warm tones.
2, do not wear a plain white dress on stage in order to avoid distracting. Bridesmaid dress color is paler than the bridal wear, wedding style and unity.
3, for the festive table, you can add some red bridesmaid dress  accessories, such as a red dress, red belt or clothing on a small area of ​​red. You can also wear some of the reddish warm, such as pale pink, yellow and so on.
4, during the day to participate in a formal wedding, clothing and more use of color, who do not pay attention to too many colors, or frivolous people feel undignified.
Second, a bridesmaid dress styles, bridesmaid dress some of the simplicity of the design than the bride. Dress evening dress and casual styles range between dress, do not select a long section of mopping the floor, so too grand, you can focus on a little black dress.
2, the dress to a low-key and dignified, not too exposed, otherwise it will grab the bride’s thunder, it makes the presence of elders unhappy.
3, in order to avoid the clothing is too formal or too casual, adding in the details of the stylish elements. If it is fashionable to wear a lace with a suit jacket, coat with a small harness alternative, light-colored, with beads, and colorful stitching, sexy Bra can.
4, bridesmaid dress not too short, so as to avoid outdoor activities when emptied, does not match with the occasion.
Third, a bridesmaid dress accessories, bridesmaid’s head do not have hair, long if the bride is white yarn, you wear a white skirt, if the bride does not wear a long yarn, you wear clothes similar to her.
2, bridesmaid best not to rub lipstick, use the plain background for the bride to do.
3, it is best not to bring jewelry, striking degree not better than the bride. If you want to highlight the characteristics of the bridesmaids can be tied around the neck a white scarf.
bridesmaid dress

perfect bridesmaid dress

gorgeous blue straps knee length chiffon bridesmaid dress
As the focus of the second wedding, bridesmaid dress how to be more innovative? Bridesmaid dresses can not be too assertive and not extraordinary minimalist. Consider the following trend analysis to help you find the right bridesmaid dress.
The total of these exquisite detail shines in the T stage. From simple satin belt, to dress the bold decorative, bow section is rigid ordinary into a beautiful wedding filled with changing the Philosopher’s Stone. From left to right: light pink strapless satin dress, the hem at the unique combination of very charming bow; Vera Wang’s elegant romantic chiffon A-line dress; dark blue silk strapless dress for spring and summer the surface ocean wedding.
Word can maximize shoulder dress showing women’s elegant and restrained. Shoulder style can be bold word to use Yanming Liang jumping colors, take care of the joy of the wedding and lively, while showing a mature and elegant style. From left to right: tight-fitting bright yellow silk dress, showing a bridesmaid elegant, charming temperament; light purple woman’s most charming performance, increase the sense of gorgeous decorative collar; simple, elegant blue, to create a lively atmosphere of the wedding. Hit the color design for the overall shape of the total considerably.
Such a strong color contrast to the skirt will make your bridesmaid dress after washing out in the photo is particularly beautiful, while cultivation was very good. From left to right: a touch of light champagne and black with a Safe movement of the elegant style; up and down the use of different purple, cleverly elongated lower body, outline the perfect curve.
bridesmaid dress

rules to choose the bridesmaid dresses

green chiffon bridesmaid dress
1, let the bridesmaids pick their own dress for each bridesmaid to choose their own dress, does not fit the actual sounds may be bridesmaids are sure to agree with this approach, because they will think you give them the same day that the opportunity to show charm, They also agreed to give the feeling of aesthetic taste. However, before doing so, or the need to comply with several premises: first, the dress color and fabric to give a uniform requirement, bridesmaid dress does not seem to conflict with each other, but also the harmonization of the bride and dress; Second, given a few styles you think inappropriate, such as miniskirts, low-cut dress, etc., try not to convince the selection of sexy bridesmaid dresses .
2, the classic black bridesmaid dress black dress universal benefits is unnecessary to say, it gives a more visually slim, delicate feel, whether you build a high, low, choose a black dress can not go wrong. Thus, in determining a classic had a good dress color, the style aspect of the problem will be solved, then discuss the dress question, you will find a lot less to complain about the sound.
3, to avoid the need to make changes to the selection of dress and bridal gown bridesmaid dress custom process is basically the same, generally they will be in the amount of size, to stay out of some margin, the final dress finished, often not the most appropriate size, On this basis, if you want to do to modify it, is an additional cost, the price ranging from 200-1200 yuan (eg, change the end of a short skirt, pull side, plus shoulder strap, etc.). In this way, the dress had a moderate price, may in the modified cost is not high. But now more and more women’s clothing brands have set up a special line of products, such as J. Crew, Ann Taylor and White House Black Market and so on, so we recommend that bridesmaids have to go directly to department store and tried to buy both save money and save time.
4, close in price to save money for the bridesmaid bridesmaids who complain, the price is too high up to hear the concerns, although you have been very close to try to pick an affordable dress, but if coupled with transportation, gifts , bachelor party, makeup, hair and many other expenses, for the bridesmaid who is also spending a small fortune, not to mention the bridesmaids came from the other cities. Bridesmaids about how to control their overall spending is still very worthy of attention, because after all, is to pay them, so it is still more work to help you save money.
5, knee length skirt size fit most easy way out and choose the bridesmaid dress the same, the selection of a knee-length dress also avoid secondary changes. Of course, they may also require minor modifications to other parts, but at least do not have to wear high heels to avoid tripping over a long skirt, the bridesmaids are of different height is described as the best choice. “We do not want to dress the bridesmaids too fancy, grab the bride’s thunder, but they also hope to show in front of many friends their best side.”
6, clever use of sandals at home although you may feel fine with one pair of silver sandals, or a pair of black dress shoes dress is the best match selected, but in fact there will be bridesmaids at home should be good-looking shoes can be used with, such as a pair of high heels, black or metallic color is very wild, so that, for bridesmaids are part of the cost savings. Finally, let us also not forget to bring a pair of low-heeled or flat heels as an alternative party night, so that we can liberate feet, enjoy dancing.
7, the bride trying on bridesmaid dresses bridesmaid dress they do not want too fancy, grab the bride’s thunder, but they also hope to show in front of many friends their best side. Personal experience the best way to understand the bridesmaids try on bridesmaid dresses is the only way you can truly appreciate their feelings. See if it is a little friction fabric skin, is not that some were fat? If the person does not try on a dress found in the place, I think perhaps you should continue to look slightly different style, only you can convince yourself the satisfaction of their bridesmaids, so that they readily accept your choice.
8, arranged an interesting shopping trip to find one day called on to pick their bridesmaids bridesmaid dress it, how to make this day can lead a rich and interesting? Of course the most important thing is to pick the bride and bridesmaids are satisfied with the bridesmaid dress. How to arrange this day there is little strategy, but oh! First, we can go to beauty salons to be a nail, so to see the U.S. change their dress have the confidence to try it! Of course, it is best to treat the bride Oh! Next, go eat brunch, add points of energy, but the best way to get an offer light food, restaurant, eat salad, fruit, matched with a glass of mimosa and bloody Mary on accompanied by even better, because it is too greasy food, but will dress to try another disadvantage Oh. After a short recess, the most important time is necessary to you, remind you before entering the dress shop, a good idea to target a style, so we go try this one first, the selected style, you can try again with nature wear play slightly.
9, free to choose any bridesmaid accessories, jewelry accessories is quite personal, single product, and most reflect an individual’s personality. Therefore, we encourage bridesmaid heart with accessories is a good practice, I believe you is because bridesmaids unique personality, talents and we met a close friend, is not it? I think even if you choose the bridesmaid dress is not their favorite, one of their preference bridesmaid jewelry accessories is also able to restore their psychological feelings.
10, comfort is comfortable piece of clothing can not be ignored is a very personal experience, but when the choice of styles, with some small mind, or can greatly enhance the bridesmaids wearing comfort. For example, the chest is not very full of bridesmaid’s dress is not suitable for Bra-style, wear is not particularly lovable, will take into account the extra effort it involves safety. But the feelings of the fabric, we are all the same, no one likes to wear a dress the other skin discomfort, and I believe no one can reject a skin-friendly fabric of plain knitted dress skirt. Finally, to remind you, in the choice of the Empire style waist dress, to the point of leaving room for the wedding cake Oh, do you sacrifice for a little waist bridesmaid the chance to share food oh well.
bridesmaid dress

the choice of bridesmaid dress

inexpensive chiffon bridesmaid dress
At the wedding, the bride and bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses can best be coordinated, it is best tailored to a formal dress or formal dress.
Wedding ceremony bride and bridesmaids do not have to like the same clothes to prepare two or three sets, only one on it. Style pure, simple one-click. Bridesmaid dress color is best to choose the color a little soft, pink champagne or can be. Must not choose black or red. Bridesmaid’s dress must be elegant, but can not grab the bride’s thunder.
The second half of the more popular knee-length dress, made with silk and soft screen, simple style dress. Bridesmaid dress is generally Tube or tape, with a small amount of diamond or sequins for decoration, not decorative large. Color is still the soft color, light and color. More and more pale pink bride’s favorite. Move will follow the bride as maid of honor for a long time, high-heeled shoes must not be thin, the best choice for a pair of comfortable, simple wedding dress shoes can be customized sub.
Today, more and more attention bridesmaids. Previously, the bridesmaids are wearing a casual dress their wedding clothes. Now, most of the bridal salon are marked with a tailor-made bridesmaid dress on the cover. Bridesmaid is like the wedding and refused to leave behind the bride, naturally became a protagonist in the wedding. Although not the same as radiant bride, but can not be a disgrace. The bride will usually ask their sisters or friends to do their own wedding dress bridesmaid Beijing. If invited to do honor to be bridesmaids, bridesmaids knowledge must be catching Oh! Pegasus following first explain to your bridesmaid dress Xiaobian small knowledge.
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colorful bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid dress color is equally important, whether it is elegant, witty, or cute, needed for the color to match background, teach you how to choose bridesmaid clothing. Solid color dress and printed dresses are magical strengths and weaknesses of these suggestions is not a neutral color make you determined? Well, compiled code suggested that you may choose dark colors, neutral colors. The following is a compilation series of recommendations: Black: Black is always ranked the highest in the party equipment for many reasons.
a line tea length bridesmaid dress
Obviously: the classic black dress  is well deserved; exudes calm in the elegant; and other color than black on body modification better defect. Schungite: fabrics in different materials, showing the effect of unpredictable, so the winner of this smoke color tone.
It brings casual and romantic chiffon; so dignified and mature two-house silk showing. If the requirements are installed at, full of gray metal taffeta fabric color is absolutely brilliant surprise four.
Chocolate brown: mellow tone almost everyone loves chocolate, it is the color plate size fits all. With orange, a warm autumn flavor. With lavender, is emitting a strong retro flavor. Think about it, what does not fit with the chocolate brown color with? Can not think of it … …. Compilation series also feel that this color the most wild.
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suitable bridesmaid dress

In many people’s eyes, just as the bride and bridesmaids foil the “green leaf” appears, it is not. Elegant wedding requires more than just the beauty of the bride, bridesmaid dresses should coordinate with the overall wedding theme. However, this role is not good when the bridesmaids, it is necessary to make it up wherever he goes, the bride can not grab the limelight. Thus, when the beautiful wedding invitation to fly to your hand when the bridesmaid’s makeup has become something to worry about. However, proper selection of bridesmaid dresses, wedding is a beautiful landscape.
red chiffon bridesmaid dress
A bridesmaid dress and face relationship::
1 moon-faced maid of honor is more suitable for V-neck dress, hair, elongated face carved with the results.
2 bridesmaids long face: wearing a round collar and the word is better, so you can soften facial lines, square face of the bridesmaids
3: round collar dress better. 4 bridesmaids inverted triangle face: round neck dress is also more suitable.
5 oval bridesmaids: all face and neck in the face of the most wild, for a variety of collar can be based on personal preferences.
Two dress styles and body with a petite high waist cut for the bridesmaids, to highlight the character of gauze fabric, the waist is too thin to enhance the thickness of body modification.
2, shapely body with the bridesmaids can choose the design according to the face choose their own dress, in style on the unlimited
3, body straight jacket of the bridesmaids can wear the dress with the increase of the shoulder design, load leaf edges to increase the level of physical sense.
4, plump bridesmaid: A selection of styles can be simple-type skirt, put not too large.
Low-key elegant and luxurious style rather than obvious, decent and generous, happy and with the intimacy of the style, the whole bridesmaid dress and her wedding dress in the style consistent, which is the basic principle of wearing a bridesmaid dress. However, the empire waist style this season, tight waist A-shaped, Bra-style, more elegant side of expression bridesmaids. Tender and no Bra-style dress with delicate and graceful, his waist a ribbon, or ribbon under the three-fold this year’s bridesmaid dress style is a hot dress. If you wish to challenge in the winter wearing a long dress, a solemn atmosphere; if in the spring and summer, you can also choose to dig chest low dress, skirt lined with pink satin, covered with several layers of light outside the perspective of the yarn. This hazy chiffon can also be applied to the sky-blue dress on a long tail or short paragraph, quite seems like pure crystal, while adding a bit lively and naive. White (Western) Red (the loss) is the bride, maid of honor is reserved for regular pink color partner. But this year we can abandon the common pink formal suit, light blue, light green, champagne gold color so as not suitable for the bridesmaids, and young women embody the perfect skin. If you have multiple bridesmaids, you can also wear the same color but different style of dress, bridesmaid dress 2011 without all the strict similarity, so that everyone can look very beautiful and there is no sense of formality.