wedding dress

the skills of keeping wedding dresses

a line beads working wedding dress
For every woman who is their wedding all represent a different meaning, which is a symbolic token of love. Buy a home wedding, after the wedding, it should carefully hidden in the bottom, to save life. However, if you entrust it easily small laundry street may regret it forever —- because of maintenance and other precious wedding dresses are different. But once you have a few tips, they clean, save the wedding is not difficult.
First of all, when you can ask to buy, this wedding is material, attached small beads, what is particular about small flash chip, under normal circumstances, the owner will know, without reserve. Wash wedding, wet is the key, because the small wedding decorations, such as beaded trim, can not stand the dry cleaning chemical erosion, the best way is to mix a wedding into mild, neutral detergent in water , soak for a while, it can washed the dinner wine, lard and other stains left behind, more bubbles for a while, even the invisible stains such as perspiration, wine stains can be removed.
Wedding wash, dry thoroughly, you can Add up to store in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed, remember, do not hang up the wedding, because the elderly are falling, there are so weighty wedding will produce vertical force, stretch or even tear the skirt body.
There are two minor issues to be mentioned: First, wash your hands before collection of wedding, do not glue cosmetics, or over time, there will be a small wedding on the macula; there, the big wedding dress hoop can be reversed up collection, but every year Fanshai clothing, the hoop skirt to restitution, lest it loses its elasticity. Welcome ladies to understand this information.

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