bridesmaid dress

the choice of bridesmaid dress

inexpensive chiffon bridesmaid dress
At the wedding, the bride and bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses can best be coordinated, it is best tailored to a formal dress or formal dress.
Wedding ceremony bride and bridesmaids do not have to like the same clothes to prepare two or three sets, only one on it. Style pure, simple one-click. Bridesmaid dress color is best to choose the color a little soft, pink champagne or can be. Must not choose black or red. Bridesmaid’s dress must be elegant, but can not grab the bride’s thunder.
The second half of the more popular knee-length dress, made with silk and soft screen, simple style dress. Bridesmaid dress is generally Tube or tape, with a small amount of diamond or sequins for decoration, not decorative large. Color is still the soft color, light and color. More and more pale pink bride’s favorite. Move will follow the bride as maid of honor for a long time, high-heeled shoes must not be thin, the best choice for a pair of comfortable, simple wedding dress shoes can be customized sub.
Today, more and more attention bridesmaids. Previously, the bridesmaids are wearing a casual dress their wedding clothes. Now, most of the bridal salon are marked with a tailor-made bridesmaid dress on the cover. Bridesmaid is like the wedding and refused to leave behind the bride, naturally became a protagonist in the wedding. Although not the same as radiant bride, but can not be a disgrace. The bride will usually ask their sisters or friends to do their own wedding dress bridesmaid Beijing. If invited to do honor to be bridesmaids, bridesmaids knowledge must be catching Oh! Pegasus following first explain to your bridesmaid dress Xiaobian small knowledge.

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